Tesla’s Musk says FSD 10 will blow minds, details expanding test group

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave new updates on the Full Self-Driving version 10 rollout that is expected to come out on Friday and how the automaker plans to expand its test group for FSD Beta.

The Beta program was launched in late 2020 and gave a small number of Tesla drivers the opportunity to experiences Tesla’s most robust FSD software yet. Since then, Tesla has expanded the test group to produce more data as the semi-autonomous driving software has improved through software updates.

On September 1st, Musk said that FSD Beta 10 would come out Friday, September 10th, with a public request button coming two weeks later. The button would allow drivers who utilize Tesla’s FSD Suite to opt into the Beta program.

Musk finally shed some light on how good the new Beta version will be for drivers after stating that the FSD 9.2 was “not great.” Musk stated that FSD 10 “will blow your mind.”


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Tesla has made so many improvements over the course of the last nine months in its Full Self-Driving quest, increasing the accuracy of the suite’s performance and adding new driving behaviors to the capability with each release. Drivers have been honest and forthcoming regarding the improvements that Tesla could make. The automaker has listened, attempting to improve as quickly as it can so it can reach Level 5 autonomy where vehicles would drive themselves.

In addition to Musk’s review of the FSD 10 software that is expected to roll out tomorrow, the CEO also said that the company would gradually expand the FSD testing group to ensure maximum safety. Tesla has made safety the priority in its automotive expertise, making its vehicles as safe as possible, and the FSD test group has remained relatively exclusive since its beginnings. Tesla may be ready to make the Beta program more well-rounded as more data will enter the company’s Neural Network, which stores data from real-world miles to increase the accuracy of the suite.

The “button,” as it was commonly referred to in recent times by Tesla enthusiasts, has been in the works for several months. Unfortunately, things have been delayed, and Tesla was likely waiting for things to become more robust within the suite before expanding the test group. Now that Musk estimates FSD 10 will “blow your mind,” the company must feel it is time to bring the button to vehicles.

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Tesla’s Musk says FSD 10 will blow minds, details expanding test group
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