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Tesla’s buildout of massive Supercharger stations extends beyond California

Tesla intends to build a 51-stall Supercharger station close to Interstate 5 in a vacant space between a Taco Bell and Starbucks in Sutherlin, Oregon.

The Oregon location is just off Interstate 5 in the Douglas County town of Sutherlin, which has 8,563 residents and is about 165 miles south of Portland. With its 51 stalls, the upcoming Sutherlin Supercharger would be one of the largest in the United States, and arguably the most expansive outside California.

The Springfield Supercharger, which is presently the largest Tesla charging location in Oregon with 14 stalls, is less than an hour away from the Sutherlin location. Sam Carter, the regional business manager of Pacific Power, stated that they will supply the energy needed to run all 51 of the stalls.

Drive Tesla Canada, which initially reported the story, found that the most prominent operating Tesla Supercharger site is in Firebaugh, California. This specific town is located on Interstate 5, and its Supercharger has 56 stalls. There’s also a plan to build a 98-stall station at Harris Ranch, California.

As of now, owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles are unable to charge their cars at Supercharger stations. However, this might change soon. Tesla’s website notes that a Non-Tesla Supercharger trial program has been implemented in a few additional nations worldwide. CEO Elon Musk has hinted that the Supercharger Network would be opened to non-Tesla EVs in the United States as well.

Tesla-owned Supercharger stations can provide up to 200 miles of additional range for its EVs in around 15 minutes. There are thousands of privately held charging stations at commercial buildings, but they recharge EVs more slowly.

According to Tesla’s website, the Sutherlin Supercharger station will open in 2023.

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Tesla’s buildout of massive Supercharger stations extends beyond California
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