Tesla Giga Berlin is aiming for 2,000 Model Y per week: report

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It appears that Tesla Giga Berlin is pushing its Model Y production ramp to a notable degree. As per recent reports, the facility is reportedly aiming to achieve a weekly Model Y production of 2,000 units per week, a substantial milestone considering that the factory is only a few months old. 

Gigafactory Berlin is an important component of Tesla’s strategy in Europe. The facility is tasked with producing the Model Y, an all-electric crossover that CEO Elon Musk believes will eventually become the world’s best-selling vehicle, first by revenue and later on, by volume as well. With these ambitious goals in mind, Giga Berlin has to ramp up its Model Y production quickly. 

A recent report from industry publication TeslaMag.de has suggested that Tesla is now aiming to achieve a production rate of 2,000 Model Y per week sometime next month. If the publication’s information proves accurate, then Giga Berlin would be able to double its weekly output in just a few months. The facility, after all, was only able to produce 1,000 Model Y per week in mid-June. 

A target of 2,000 Model Y per week for September may not be too farfetched, especially considering that Tesla has implemented a number of initiatives to improve Giga Berlin’s output. In July, for example, the facility underwent upgrades that were designed to improve its vehicle production. These upgrades could very well pave the way for the facility’s aggressive ramp. 

Reports in late July suggested that starting October 2022, Giga Berlin could be producing about 3,000 Model Y per week, or about 600 units per day on a five-day workweek. Tesla Germany was reportedly looking to raise its output to 1,500 Model Y per week at the time as well.

Giga Berlin is still in its initial stages, so it still has some ways to go. Giga Shanghai, a more mature Tesla factory, was reported to be targeting an output of 3,000 vehicles per day. Expectations are high that Giga Shanghai will still increase its output even more, especially as Tesla builds another vehicle production site nearby. Giga Berlin is no slouch, however, with Tesla SVP of Powertrain and Energy Engineering Drew Baglino stating during the Q2 2022 earnings call that the German factory could achieve an output of 5,000 Model Y per week by the end of the year. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin is aiming for 2,000 Model Y per week: report
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