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Tesla Giga Berlin battery plant starts initial operations: report

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The Tesla Giga Berlin battery plant has been put into operation. The update was related by Brandenburg Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) on Wednesday. 

While speaking at the state parliament, Steinbach clarified that Tesla is only producing individual battery components at Giga Berlin’s battery facility, unlike the company’s original plans. It is believed that Tesla opted to prioritize the battery plant of Giga Texas in the United States for now due to the country’s favorable tax incentives. 

In a comment to rbb24, Steinbach noted that Giga Berlin’s battery plant is already abuzz with activity. He also noted that despite the full battery production process not being done at the site, what is important is the production step up to which the battery parts are completed. And in that sense, Tesla’s Giga Berlin battery facility is already well advanced. 

“The building is buzzing. It’s full… What is manufactured there as a preliminary product on the spot fully utilizes this building on the spot,” Steinbach said. 

While Giga Berlin’s battery plant is already operational, it would not be surprising if the electric vehicle maker expands the facility in the near future. The Minister, however, noted that Tesla is yet to submit an application for any expansions for the plant. “There is still no partial approval application,” he said. 

Thus, apart from a declaration of intent, the state government has not been made aware of Tesla’s exact plans for the expansion of Giga Berlin’s battery facility. Steinbach also brushed off the concerns of environmentalists who are against Giga Berlin, stating that “We see it more optimistically than you do.” 

The environmentalists have expressed their opposition to the expansion of Giga Berlin’s battery plant, arguing that the groundwater in the area will be damaged if the facility is expanded. Steinbach noted that he believes Environment Minister Axel Vogel (Greens) and the Lower Water Authority of the Oder-Spree district would be able to find an “appropriate solution” to the matter. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin battery plant starts initial operations: report
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