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Tesla Giga Berlin looks to add fourth shift to double production

Credit: Tesla Inc.

Tesla is reportedly looking to add a fourth production shift at Giga Berlin in Germany to double production in hopes of meeting a manufacturing rate of 500,000 vehicles annually.

Tesla has already ramped up its third shift, which helped the automaker obtain a weekly production volume of 5,000 vehicles per week, it confirmed in late March.

Managing Director Jochem Freyer from the employment agency in Frankfurt confirmed to rbb24 that Tesla has filled all of its openings for the third shift, and now the company is considering a fourth shift, which could help the company double its production output from 5,000 vehicles per week to 10,000.

The report indicates that Tesla is likely to add a fourth shift soon, as workers are being sought by the company once again in an effort to push production figures higher.

Tesla confirmed just two weekends ago that the German factory had reached a weekly production rate of 5,000 vehicles.

Just one month before that announcement, Tesla stated it had ramped up production to 4,000 vehicles, indicating a 20 percent increase in just 30 days.

While Giga Berlin is helping support demand for Tesla’s vehicles in Europe, the plant is far from finished in terms of construction and production.

Tesla has already received partial approval to expand the plant over the next few years, and while environmental groups are pushing back against the plans, there is support from local politicians who see the automaker’s positive influence on the economy.

Tesla to produce 1M cars per year in Giga Berlin with no increase in water consumption: report

Production expansion plans will not stop at the 10,000 vehicles per week/500,000 vehicles per year mark. Instead, Tesla will expand further, which is ultimately part of its massive growth plans for the factory.

Tesla has plans to build 1,000,000 vehicles in Germany annually, which will help support the growing demand for its vehicles in Europe. Tesla has routinely outperformed other electric automakers in the region, including Volkswagen, which has worked diligently to transition to EVs.

Tesla reported its strongest quarter to date in Q1 2023, building over 440,000 cars and delivering over 422,000, beating analyst targets of around 420,000.

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Tesla Giga Berlin looks to add fourth shift to double production
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