Tesla Giga Berlin production unlikely to begin in 2021 as water pumping hearing delayed

Gigafactory Berlin (Credit: Tesla)

A hearing related to water pumping near Tesla’s upcoming German production plant, known as Giga Berlin, has been delayed for the third time, making it unlikely that the electric automaker will begin production of its vehicles at the facility in 2021.

The hearing has to do with water pumping delivery rates for the nearby Eggersdorf waterworks. Environmental agencies sued the State Environmental Agency because it had approved increased water pumping rates for the Eggersdorf facility without necessary testing. The Administrative Court in Frankfurt has confirmed that the hearing, which was expected to take place today, was postponed. There is currently no indication of when the meeting could take place, but production efforts at Giga Berlin will not be permitted to begin until the hearing takes place, and it seems it will not take place before the end of the year, according to reports.

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The meeting that ultimately holds Tesla’s future has been canceled yet again. According to rbb24, who first reported the meeting delay, the hearing holds major implications for the project:

“The case is explosive because the responsible water association in Eggersdorf pumps around four million cubic meters of water from the ground every year. A large part of it is also intended for the Tesla settlement in neighboring Grünheide. If the approval for this subsidy is tilted, it could also jeopardize the future water supply of the e-car plant, which is said to consume around 1.4 million cubic meters of water per year.”

Tesla has been sparring with German environmental groups since the beginning of its project in Germany. Groundwater pollution has been one of the main concerns, but German environmental groups and similar entities have continued to challenge the environmental effects that they believe could plague the quality of life for nearby residents. A recent interview by Teslarati with the lawyer representing several of the groups revealed that the focus of the groups is not to derail the project, but to have the automaker follow the rules and regulations of environmental standards for the area.

The German media outlet also indicated that production will likely be pushed back to 2022, and more documents are being requested and evaluated by the court:

“Observers assume that the Tesla production start planned for this month will no longer be sustainable due to this delay.”

Tesla was set to receive approval to begin production within the coming days. The full approval would have given Tesla the green light to launch the production of the Model Y at the Giga Berlin facility. However, the manufacturing of Tesla’s vehicles at the site will now be delayed once again, and the company will likely have to wait for the hearing to take place to begin production at the plant.

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Tesla Giga Berlin production unlikely to begin in 2021 as water pumping hearing delayed
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