Tesla Giga Berlin may get power back sooner than expected

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Tesla Giga Berlin may get power back sooner than expected, according to the managing director of energy supply company E.DIS.

Tesla Giga Berlin’s power outage stopped production. An arson attack on the Steinfurt power substation affected Giga Berlin and other nearby districts.

Previously, the Berlin factory’s production halt was expected to extend for another week because the repairs to the substation were estimated to take longer. Tesla Giga Berlin’s plant manager, André Thierig, estimated that the economic damage from the factory’s production halt could be as high as the nine-figure range.

However, E.DIS’ managing director, Alexander Montebaur, announced some good news on Sunday evening.

“Thanks to extraordinarily fast assembly work around the clock and excellent cooperation between all companies involved in the construction, there is now a chance to resupply power tomorrow in the evening on Monday,” posted Monetbaur on his LinkedIn.

Left-wing extremist group—the Vulcan (Volcano) Group—has claimed to be behind the arson attack in a letter, stating that its intention was to stop Giga Berlin’s production. The police have confirmed the authenticity of the letter.

German authorities launched a probe to investigate the arson attack as it affected not just Tesla Giga Berlin but also critical infrastructure in neighboring districts.

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Tesla Giga Berlin may get power back sooner than expected
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