LG Energy Solution & Qualcomm to develop battery management systems

(Credit: LGES)

LG Energy Solution (LGES) recently announced its intention to work with Qualcomm Technologies to develop advanced battery management system (BMS) diagnostic solutions. The two companies aim to deliver a BMS solution capable of extending a vehicle’s battery life. 

“Our work with Qualcomm Technologies intends to create differentiated customer value by enabling real-time battery health diagnosis as well as the development of battery management solutions that are directly linked to driving information,” said Hyuksung Chung, Vice President of Business Development Group at LG Energy Solution.

LGES and Qualcomm plan to start developing their BMS on the Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform. The platform will increase computing power by over 80X with additional AI processing blocks. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis is also expected to advance battery analysis algorithms through AI technologies. 

According to the South Korean battery supplier, BMS is essential to monitor and manage battery usage to ensure optimal performance. BMS solutions provide vehicle owners with critical data such as current, voltage, and temperature. Access to battery data can detect and prevent battery issues. 

Battery data from BMS solutions will become even more important once automobiles integrate lifestyle functions like playing movies, shopping online, or other entertainment capabilities. Electric vehicles are leaning toward defining automobiles as multi-purpose spaces instead of just a form of transportation. 

“The importance of safe and healthy battery management is increasing with the growth of the electric vehicle market. We expect to be able to show customers overwhelming and differentiated customer value through our cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies,” said Chung

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LG Energy Solution & Qualcomm to develop battery management systems
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