The Boring Company’s Prufrock 3 lined up to launch at Giga Texas

(Credit: The Boring Company)

The Boring Company (TBC) released a photo showing Prufrock 3 lined up to launch at Tesla Giga Texas. TBC has been preparing for this moment for several weeks.

Since mid-January, TBC has been diligently assembling Prufrock 3 near Giga Texas. Unlike traditional tunnel boring machines (TBMs) that require deep launch pits, Prufrock can porpoise, allowing it to launch directly from the surface, burrow underground, and emerge at the tunnel’s end. By porpoising, Prufrock streamlines the excavation process.

Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer, along with a team of experts in the tunneling field and other YouTubers closely following TBC’s projects, came up with some estimates for Prufrock 3’s Giga Texas dig. While the exact tunnel length remains undisclosed, Tegtmeyer and his team estimated Prufrock 3 will dig a distance of roughly 300 meters (1,000 feet). The field experts on Tegtmeyer’s team concurred with this estimation, suggesting the tunnel could be completed within 2 to 4 weeks based on Prufrock 3’s capabilities.

Tegtmeyer and his team’s timeframe is a significant improvement compared to TBC’s previous tunnelling machines. Prufrock 2, TBC’s earlier iteration, boasts a tunneling speed of up to 1,600 meters (1 mile) per week. With Prufrock 3, TBC aims to increase the TBM’s performance 7-fold, significantly accelerating tunnel construction.

“Prufrock’s medium-term goal is to exceed 1/10 of human walking speed, which is 7 miles per day,” noted TBC on its website.

The success of Prufrock 3’s Tesla Giga Texas project holds the potential to revolutionize the construction of tunnels for various applications, from transportation networks to utility corridors. The coming weeks will be telling as Prufrock 3 embarks on its mission to carve a path beneath Giga Texas soil.

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The Boring Company’s Prufrock 3 lined up to launch at Giga Texas
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