Tesla Giga Berlin to prolong production halt: report

Credit: Tesla Manufacturing/Facebook

Tesla Giga Berlin’s production halt is expected to extend into next week, longer than previously expected. 

Tesla informed Bild that complicated repairs to the power line damaged during the arson attack against Giga Berlin are causing a prolonged production halt. Giga Berlin’s plant manager estimates the damages are now in the three-digit million range. 

Tesla cannot produce and sell cars for another week while costs continue. The company estimates that its downtime costs range up to several hundred million euros.

“This means economic damage for us in the high nine-figure range,” said Giga Berlin Plant Manager André Thierig. 

On March 5, Tesla Giga Berlin halted production after a suspected arson attack on a power substation near the factory. The Steinfurt power substation affected Giga Berlin and other nearby districts, including critical infrastructure like clinics and hospitals. 

The Vulcan Group—a left-wing extremist group—took responsibility for the arson attack through a letter that claimed its intention was to stop Giga Berlin production. Brandenburg’s Interior Minister, Michael Stübgen (CDU), has been investigating the arson attack on Giga Berlin. 

The police have confirmed that the Vulcan Group’s letter is authentic. The authorities also confirmed that the Vulcan Group specializes in attacks on energy infrastructure. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin to prolong production halt: report
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