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Tesla train at Giga Berlin will take over 4,000 people to work daily

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Tesla’s train at Giga Berlin will take roughly 4,500 employees to work every day and will commute on its route almost 60 times daily.

This week, Tesla confirmed it would use a shuttle connected to the public railway network running between Erkner Train Station and the Giga Berlin property to give both employees and citizens a public transportation option.

The shuttle will travel between the two stops nearly 60 times a day, and according to rbb24, it will bring “more than 1,500 employees directly to the factory at the change of shift alone.”

Based on the three-eight-hour shifts, that would mean 4,500 people would be brought to work each day.

Tesla said the train is free of charge and is intended to replace the existing bus shuttle between Erkner and the factory. It was approved for operation in February and will start running on Monday, September 4.

Tesla Giga Berlin’s exterior is painted with unique graffiti (Credit: Tesla)

In January 2022, Tesla acquired an existing train track from regional railway group DRE, which was intended to start the process of building a shuttle train from Erkner to the factory.

The company wanted a safe, efficient, and convenient way for employees to get to work. The automaker also worked with the District Administration of the Oder-Spree to build a bike path that was nearly 1.5 miles long (2.5 kilometers) that would also connect Erkner to the factory property.

Tesla Giga Berlin employs roughly 11,000 workers and has been in operation since March 2022. The factory builds the Model Y all-electric crossover and also features Tesla’s most advanced paint factory, which is capable of applying exclusive colors that are spreading across the Eastern Hemisphere.

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Tesla train at Giga Berlin will take over 4,000 people to work daily
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