Tesla vandals cause electrical fire at Giga Berlin site, confess in strange letter

Credit: Tesla

Tesla vandals in Germany caused an electrical fire at the Giga Berlin site near Brandenburg and confessed in a strange letter claiming that Tesla is “neither green, ecological, nor social.”

At around 3 A.M. local time in Germany last night, a small fire appeared around 500 meters from the Giga Berlin construction site where Tesla plans to begin manufacturing electric cars later this year. Police said a small piece of the forest, about three square meters in size, caught fire as a result of a damaged electrical cable that runs power to the construction site. Police concluded that perpetrators damaged the cables by soaking them in flammable liquid. They then tied the cables to a fence with wire, local authorities said. Although the cables ignited the fires, they are still functional, according to the police.

Joachim Lemmel, a spokesman for the State Criminal Police Office, said the power lines supply electricity to Giga Berlin and a district of Erkner, a small town nearby.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin render (Credit: Tesla)

Police are currently assuming that the fire was an act of vandalism, claiming that the motive could be political after a letter from a group authored by an individual or entity calling themselves “Vulkangruppe” surfaced online. Vulkangruppe means “volcanic group.”

The letter was found on the internet and appears to claim responsibility by outlining its motivation for the attack. The motive seems to point toward a disagreement with Tesla’s presence in the region and states that the automaker isn’t as environmentally friendly as it claims to be.

The letter states (via rbb24):

“On the night of May 25th to 26th, 2021, we cut the power supply for the construction site of the Tesla Giga factory in Grünheide near Berlin by setting fire to six high-voltage cables laid above ground to have. Tesla is neither green, ecological nor social. Our fire stands against the lie of the green automobile.”

Police are examining the authenticity of the letter.

Local groups that are opposed to Tesla’s construction of the Giga Berlin plant have voiced their discontent for the attack, claiming that violence is not the way to convey their message. The Citizens’ Initiative Grünheide, a local group that has voiced their opposition to the Gigafactory, spoke out against the attack. Spokesperson Streffen Schorcht said they expected attacks to happen because “We feared that because many people do not feel involved in the democratic process of the settlement of Tesla.” However, Schorcht maintains that his group does not condone violence against Tesla or the factory and encourages citizens who disagree to use democratic options instead.

The damage is minor, and there will be no delays to the Gigafactory’s progress. According to the report from rbb24, Tesla stated that the fire had no effects on the construction project, and Giga Berlin continues to roll on toward an expected production start date in the coming months.

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Tesla vandals cause electrical fire at Giga Berlin site, confess in strange letter
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