Tesla Gigafactory Berlin render (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Giga Berlin slated for late-Summer start: Economic Minister reiterates production dates

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin render (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Giga Berlin will begin producing cars in late-Summer or early-Fall. After a meeting with the Economic Committee of the Landtag, Brandenburg Economic Minister Jörg Steinbach said that there shouldn’t be major delays as previously reported.

Steinbach first confirmed to Teslarati last week that Giga Berlin would be slated for a late-Summer or early-Autumn start after questioning reports of the German factory beginning production in early 2022.

“I don’t have the faintest idea of how anyone can come up with a six-month delay,” Steinbach said to Teslarati in an interview. “If nothing happens out of the ordinary, I still expect a start of production in late Summer or Early Autumn,” the Economic Minister also said about the plant’s anticipated start time.

The delays until 2022 were initially reported by German media outlet Automobilwoche, which indicated that a member of Elon Musk’s personal circle had told them the Brandenburg-located plant wouldn’t start producing vehicles until next year, well beyond the originally anticipated start time.

EXCLUSIVE: Tesla Giga Berlin isn’t facing a 6-month delay: German Minister

Steinbach, who has remained close to the project since its establishment because of its potential to provide an economic boost to the local economy, has remained strong on his prediction of a mid-2021 start time.

He reaffirmed and reiterated his predictions made to Teslarati to the Economic Committee of the Landtag in a meeting on Wednesday, according to Tagesspiegel.

The delay rumors can mostly be attributed to Tesla’s recent addition of a battery cell production facility on the Giga Berlin property. When Tesla submitted these plans, its application for the entire project had to be revised. While the initial production of vehicles won’t be pushed back due to the addition of a battery manufacturing plant, the entire project becomes prolonged due to more time being needed to complete the facility altogether.

Some other delay rumors could be caused by the extensive process a project of this magnitude takes to be approved. German engineer and Tesla enthusiast Alex Voigt said that some projects take 3-5 years to gain ultimate approval due to deliberate examination of the plans, the application, and the potential environmental effects of a construction project.

“If this additional investment now flows into the permit application, it goes without saying that the application documents must be revised, and then the approval authorities have the last word,” Brandenburg’s Prime Minister, Dietmar Woidke, said.

Tesla indicated in the Q1 2021 Update Letter that Giga Berlin would begin production and deliveries later this year. The automaker indicated that the German plant’s production remains “on track for late 2021. Machinery for paint, stamping, castings, etc., continues to be moved into the building. In the meantime, we will continue to increase import volumes to Europe.”

Tesla Giga Berlin slated for late-Summer start: Economic Minister reiterates production dates
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