Tesla Giga Mexico construction is still ongoing


Tesla Giga Mexico’s construction is still moving forward, shared Nuevo León’s Secretary of Economy. Tesla’s new gigafactory has already started preliminary construction and attracted a few suppliers to Nuevo León. 

Recently, Iván Rivas, Nuevo Leon’s Secretary of Economy, confirmed that the state maintains a good relationship with Tesla and regularly communicates with the company. Rivas added that Tesla and Nuevo León are currently discussing incentives related to Giga Mexico. 

“We have not had any change in signal, we also work hand in hand with them, for example right now in the incentive contract the communication is very close, we continue working, the only thing that I could not say and that is not defined, is when [Tesla is] going to start. But Tesla is coming, Tesla is coming,” said Rivas.

The incentives Tesla and Nuevo León are currently discussing are related to Giga Mexico’s infrastructure, making the factory more accessible. Expanding the nearby Monterrey-Saltillo highway is part of the incentive package, allowing Nuevo León to add another lane to the two-lane highway. Incentives will also help build bridges around Tesla Giga Mexico, making entering and leaving the premises easier. Lastly, the incentive package will help Tesla build the infrastructure for treated water from Giga Mexico. 

A few people were concerned about Giga Mexico’s future after Tesla’s mass layoffs were announced. While Giga Mexico only had a few Tesla employees in high positions, the company started posting jobs there. Shortly after Tesla’s mass layoffs started, the company took down its job posts in Mexico.

However, the mass layoffs have not affected Tesla Mexico’s preliminary construction.

Tesla Giga Mexico is expected to help Nuevo León grow economically, bringing other businesses to the area. Milenio reported that Tesla’s presence in the region has already resulted in 30 businesses moving to the area to supply Giga Mexico

According to the Secretary of Economy, Tesla Giga Mexico has helped Nuevo León boost the buildout of its electromobility hub. Nuevo León plans to share its plans for the future during the International Mobility of the Future Summit on June 26 and June 27 next month.

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Tesla Giga Mexico construction is still ongoing
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