Tesla Giga Mexico not affected by layoffs says Sec. of Economy

(Credit: Tesla)

The State Secretary of Economy of Nuevo León assured that Tesla’s global staff reduction does not affect Giga Mexico’s construction. 

Secretary of Economy Iván Rivas Rodríguez told Milenio that work on Tesla Gia Mexico is still proceeding, and the company’s investment in the municipality of Santa Catarina is still on the table. 

“Everything continues as planned, I could tell you that the plant is going,” Rodríguez said. “… continuous work with them has not changed; there has not been anything different as a result of [the global layoffs], so we do not see any risk, and we believe that everything is going as we have planned together with the company.”

On Monday, a few Tesla employees received an email informing them they were being laid off

“Over the years, we have grown rapidly with multiple factories scaling around the globe. With this rapid growth, there has been duplication of roles and job functions in certain areas. As we prepare the company for our next phase of growth, it is extremely important to look at every aspect of the company for cost reductions and increasing productivity,” said the email from Tesla. 

After the layoffs hit Tesla workers in the United States, sales employees in China were affected. According to some Tesla sales associates in China, they were informed that their roles were redundant. 

Meanwhile, in Europe, Tesla Giga Berlin workers have not received word of impending layoffs. Giga Berlin refuted claims by local media that Tesla planned to cut 3,000 jobs. The process of laying off workers in Germany is a little different, as Tesla must go through the works council, unions, and Frankfurt (Oder) employment agency. 

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Tesla Giga Mexico not affected by layoffs says Sec. of Economy
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