Tesla Giga Shanghai to halt production in January, most of it for Chinese New Year: report

(Credit: Tesla)

A recent report has emerged claiming that Tesla would also be reducing Gigafactory Shanghai’s output in January 2023. The update seemed bearish for the electric vehicle maker, especially since a shutdown has already been implemented in Giga Shanghai this month. 

Citing an internal schedule that it reportedly viewed, Reuters claimed that Giga Shanghai would only be running production for 17 days in January. As per the publication, Tesla’s production in the EV plant would run between January 3 and January 19 and stop once more from January 20 to January 31. 

The reported production pause from January 20-31, however, is reportedly due to an extended break for the Chinese New Year, which would run from January 21-27, 2023. In its report, Reuters also noted that Tesla did not specify a reason behind the production slowdown of Gigafactory Shanghai next month. 

It also remains to be seen if Giga Shanghai will be fully pausing its activities for the extended Chinese New Year break or if the EV maker will adopt a strategy similar to what was implemented this month. As per recent comments from Tesla China, Giga Shanghai’s vehicle production was paused this December, but parts of the plant, such as those allotted for the production of charging piles, remain operational. 

Tesla China, for now, has not issued a comment about the recent report. It should be noted, however, that Tesla’s production cuts come amidst China’s decision to abandon its zero-COVID policy, leading to disruptions in manufacturing operations for businesses across the country. China’s general auto sector has also seen some challenges as of late, though New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) from companies like BYD have thrived. 

While Tesla China’s reported strategies for Giga Shanghai may seem like the company is seeing a drop in demand, one should keep in mind that the facility has seen upgrades this year. Thus, with the upgrades in place, Giga Shanghai should still be able to produce a substantial number of vehicles in China next month, even if the facility would only be in production for 17 days. 

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Tesla Giga Shanghai to halt production in January, most of it for Chinese New Year: report
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