Tesla Giga Shanghai starts production of Model Y with updated rear seats

(Credit: Tesla Greater China)

Recent reports from China have suggested that the production of Tesla Model Y units with updated rear seats and emergency door opening systems has begun this month in Gigafactory Shanghai. The production of the updated Model Y units reportedly started around mid-October, according to local media outlets. 

Images of the Made-in-China Model Y’s updated rear seats have made their rounds on social media platforms in the country. The images showed that the length of the Model Y’s rear seats was increased by 30 mm to provide passengers with better leg support. The updated component should also reduce passenger fatigue during long rides. 

As noted in a CNEV Post report, the updated Model Y from Gigafactory Shanghai would not only have new rear seats. The all-electric crossover would also be equipped with a manual release for the rear doors, which should make it easier for passengers to exit the vehicle in the event of an accident or any similar incidents. 

Overall, the updates to the Model Y are subtle, noted local news agency Yiche. A look at Tesla China’s official page for the Model Y shows that the EV maker is not highlighting any changes to the vehicle itself. Even the expected delivery times and prices of the Model Y in Tesla China’s vehicle configurator seem unchanged. 

Credit: Kelvin Yang/Twitter

So far, Tesla China lists three variants of the Model Y. The entry-level RWD variant starts at RMB 316,900 ($44,030), while the Model Y Long Range starts at RMB 394,900 ($54,800). The Model Y Performance, on the other hand, starts at RMB 417,900 ($58,070) before options like the Full Self-Driving suite. 

The Tesla Model Y has been quite a successful vehicle in China, with the vehicle’s 46,694 retail sales in September being the highest of any SUV in the country, electric or otherwise. This was according to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) earlier this month. 

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Tesla Giga Shanghai starts production of Model Y with updated rear seats
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