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Tesla adds 500k square feet to Gigafactory Texas for ‘ecological paradise’

Credit: Tesla Inc.

Update: Elon Musk told Teslarati the expansion plans will accommodate Tesla Giga Texas’s “ecological paradise.” Headline and paragraphs have been revised and updated to reflect accuracy based on Musk’s details.

Tesla has revised its application for Giga Texas to reveal a potential 500,000 square foot expansion of the automaker’s electric vehicle production factory located outside of Austin. Tesla added 12 acres to the site’s limits of construction, while adding 522,720 feet of space to the limit. CEO Elon Musk told Teslarati the expansion will accommodate the automaker’s plans for an “ecological paradise” at the factory.

Teslarati discovered Tesla has officially filed a revised application with the City of Austin’s Housing and Planning Department on September 20. The City noted that “[Tesla] is proposing Revision to previously approved Site Plan.”

tesla giga texas expansion site plan

Credit: City of Austin

Upon inspection of the new filing and comparing it to the old filling, Tesla is proposing a change to the Giga Texas site plan by expanding the limits of construction. The acreage in the previous application was listed at 268. The new application lists it at 280.

Additionally, the square footage of the factory is set to expand by 500,000 square feet. The previous application lists the limits of square footage at 11,674,080. The revised application filed by Tesla yesterday pushes the square footage limit to 12,196,800.

tesla site plan giga texas

Tesla’s original site plan for Gigafactory Texas (Credit: City of Austin)

tesla giga texas site plan new

Tesla’s revised site plan for Gigafactory Texas (Credit: City of Austin)

Musk told Teslarati in a series of Tweets that the area from the South end of Giga Texas to the Colorado River “really will be next-level great & open to public!”

Additionally, Musk told us the initial plans for a boardwalk are still a go for the long-term and will stretch to downtown Austin.

Tesla says Gigafactory Texas covers over 250 acres of land and has over 10,000,000 square feet of factory floor, so the applications both line up with the company’s description of the factory on its website.

Gigafactory Texas currently builds 250,000 vehicles annually, according to Tesla’s most recent Shareholder Deck. However, the factory opened earlier this year and is not fully ramped. A few days ago, Tesla announced that the factory had built its 10,000th Model Y. Eventually, Gigafactory Texas is expected to build upwards of 500,000 vehicles annually.

Tesla has plans to produce the Cybertruck at Gigafactory Texas sometime next year. The vehicle had its design finalized earlier this year, Musk said.

This filing follows several other Gigafactory Texas expansion projects, which Tesla has planned for in the past year. In late June, Tesla filed to expand General Assembly 2 and General Assembly 3 by 500,000 square feet. Additionally, Tesla filed in mid-July to build on a 68.11-acre plot adjacent to the factory. It was listed as a “Production Support Area.”

The most recent development took place in mid-August when Tesla’s application to build a massive battery energy storage system (BESS) project at Gigafactory Texas was approved. The project is listed as a 53.27-acre land plot that will house Tesla Megapacks to support the energy grid by storing excess energy produced by solar panels.

While Tesla did file for an expansion of acreage and square footage, it doesn’t mean that it will expand the factory in the near future. Tesla could be preparing to give itself more real estate to work with in the future, especially if it plans to add even more elements to the Giga Texas campus.

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Tesla adds 500k square feet to Gigafactory Texas for ‘ecological paradise’
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