Tesla Giga Texas hits new milestone with 4,000 Model Y production in one week

Credit: Tesla/Twitter

Tesla recently posted a new milestone for Giga Texas, with the electric vehicle maker announcing that the facility has successfully produced 4,000 Model Y crossovers in a week. The update was posted by Tesla on its official Twitter account. 

Tesla commemorated Giga Texas’ milestone by posting a short aerial video of the facility’s workers posing and celebrating around a Model Y. “Congrats Giga Texas team on building 4k Model Y this week!” Tesla wrote on its Twitter post. 

While Giga Texas’ recent accomplishment is noteworthy, it came a few months after the facility achieved its previous milestone of 3,000 Model Y a week, which happened back in December. A few days after Giga Texas hit 3,000 Model Y per week, Tesla’s Germany factory, Giga Berlin, achieved the same milestone

Since then, Giga Berlin’s Model Y production saw a quick production ramp. By late February, Tesla announced that Giga Berlin had been able to produce 4,000 Model Y per week. And in late March, the electric vehicle maker revealed that the facility was already producing 5,000 per week. Giga Texas, on the other hand, seemed like it was still ramping to its next milestone. 

With Giga Texas achieving 4,000 Model Y per week, the facility is now pushing towards a production rate of 5,000 units per week. Achieving this production level would be an accomplishment for Giga Texas, as 5,000 vehicles per week tends to be a common target for Tesla’s facilities. For instance, the Model 3’s infamous period of “production hell” occurred as Tesla was pushing to hit a production rate of 5,000 units a week. 

With Tesla establishing one factory after another, there will be times when two facilities will be ramping up at the same time. This creates a friendly competition of sorts, and it incentivizes each new factory to perform their best. This seems to be the case with Giga Texas and Giga Berlin, as the two facilities have shown a tendency to achieve milestones not too far from each other. For now, Giga Berlin has an edge, but it won’t be a surprise if Giga Texas also comes back swinging for its 5,000 Model Y a week target. 

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Tesla Giga Texas hits new milestone with 4,000 Model Y production in one week
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