Tesla Giga Berlin gets two more early approvals before next round of repetition talks

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Tesla Giga Berlin has received two more early approvals, announced Brandenburg’s Ministry of the Environment. Another round of repetition discussions about Giga Berlin’s full permit approval is scheduled to start on Tuesday.

Giga Berlin’s latest set of preliminary permits allow Tesla to construct more parts of the factory’s wastewater pretreatment plant and install technical equipment in the central supply and disposal building. Brandenburg’s State Office for the Environment also permitted the construction of pipe bridges with pipes, fittings, and pumps at Giga Berlin. 

Tesla can continue operational tests at Giga Berlin to check the reliability of systems it has set up in the foundry and paint shop. Giga Berlin’s advanced paint shop seems to be passing its reliability test. A picture of a Crimson Model Y was seen recently passing through the paint shop. Giga Berlin’s paint options were reportedly leaked via the Tesla App as well. 

Tesla continues to build Giga Berlin on early approvals only. The company has not received full and final environmental approval for Giga Berlin yet. Another round of discussions about the construction of Giga Berlin is set to start on Tuesday. The upcoming round is a repeat of the talks in October, which discussed over 800 objections. 

Previously, environmental associations accused the Office of the Environment of announcing the last discussion round too late. To cement Tesla’s final permit and avoid any claims of foul play during its approval process, the Office decided to repeat the discussion round, delaying Giga Berlin’s operations for at least another month. The next round of Giga Berlin discussion is expected to last until November 22, 2021. 

Giga Berlin could be another breakthrough factory for Tesla, much like Shanghai has been since it started operations. Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas believes Giga Berlin is the car factory of the future. 

“The big picture here is that Tesla has the opportunity to completely reinvent the car manufacturing process for vehicle production and factories. Tesla is building the car factory of the future,” Jonas wrote in a report last month. 

Check out Giga Berlin’s construction progress below!

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Tesla Giga Berlin gets two more early approvals before next round of repetition talks
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