Tesla Giga Berlin to adjust wages for employees

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin announced regular wage adjustments for its employees. The company plans to initiate the wage adjustments in November. 

According to a Tesla Giga Berlin spokesperson, the EV manufacturer regularly checks the salaries of its employees. Last year, Tesl raised wages by 6%.

“Of course, we inform our employees first about the amount,” said the Tesla Giga Berlin spokesperson. “We regularly check our employees’ salaries to ensure fair remuneration.”

According to a local report, IG Metall predicted a wage increase earlier this week. The union’s District Manager, Dirk Schulze, stated that a wage increase would be welcomed and claimed that Tesla’s salaries “lag well behind the tariff level in the auto industry in Germany.” 

“However, unilateral announcements of wage increases by a company management do not replace negotiations on equal terms,” said Schulze. 

Previously, IG Metall made several allegations that painted Tesla Giga Berlin in a bad light. It claimed to have seen an influx of Tesla employees joining IG Metall over health and safety concerns. The union alleged that Tesla Giga Berlin workers complained about staff shortages, extreme workloads, and highly ambitious production targets. 

Tesla refuted IG Metall’s claims, arguing that Giga Berlin employees receive proper safety measurement and protective gear training. Tesla also pointed out that local authors conduct regular safety checks on the factory in Grünheide. Tesla claims the wage adjustments in November f are part of its “internal standard process” and should not be attributed to IG Metall’s recent activity. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin to adjust wages for employees
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