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Tesla confirms it will hold what could be the largest BBQ in Texas history

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They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that holds true when discussing Tesla’s relationship with the State. Not only does Tesla already have a massive, yet unfinished, Gigafactory sitting southeast of downtown Austin that fits the narrative famous phrase, but the automaker also confirmed last night it would hold a “Giga Fest” event on April 7 at the new facility. In classic Tesla fashion, where everything is above and beyond, it could unintentionally be the largest barbeque in Texas state history, all held to celebrate one of the company’s biggest accomplishments to date.

To celebrate the accomplishments of Tesla, the company has held a fair-like event at Gigafactory Berlin. The event in Texas will likely be similar to the “Giga Fest” event Tesla held in Germany last year, with twists that are sure to give a nod to the State of Texas and its citizens.

Last night, Musk confirmed the event would take place on April 7 in a Tweet, initially indicating the event would be held on April 1. A fan of humor, Musk may have realized April Fools was that day, shifting the Giga Texas event six days later to avoid any potential confusion.

In October, Musk hinted that Tesla could hold a large BBQ for fans, enthusiasts, and owners to attend, perhaps being the largest meetup of Tesla owners in history. In December, Musk confirmed Tesla would hold the event, but it would not happen until early 2022.

Tesla Giga Texas grand opening party schedule for early 2022

Tesla will have factory tours for the local community. The event at Gigafactory Berlin also included this for local residents, providing some fresh and exclusive looks at the interior portions of the facility. Tesla’s new vehicle colors and Berlin-built Model Y units were on display for the community to look over.

The Berlin event was limited to 5,000 people due to restrictions in Germany that stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not expected to happen in Texas as the state has been more lenient with mask mandates and other measures. However, there is no indication of how many people will be allowed at the event currently.

Gigafactory Texas will be one of Tesla’s greatest accomplishments when it finally opens. While Tesla awaits “final certification” of the Austin-made Model Y before beginning deliveries, massive developments are already emerging from the plant. Tesla confirmed recently that its new 4680 and structural battery packs will be included in new Model Y units that come from the factory, bringing a new battery and vehicle design to the market. Both developments were unveiled in late 2020 at Tesla’s Battery Day, and could be some of the most monumental in the automaker’s history.

Deliveries are expected to begin soon. Tesla Model Y units from the Texas factory were spotted on vehicle haulers earlier this week, giving the impression that the first 4680 and structural battery pack Model Y units are days or weeks away from being delivered to first customers.

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Tesla confirms it will hold what could be the largest BBQ in Texas history
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