Tesla’s “hardcore litigation department” is already taking shape

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There will be blood — probably sooner than expected. Back in May, Elon Musk stated that Tesla is building a “hardcore litigation department” to initiate and execute lawsuits. This team is now well on its way to being formed. 

Musk made the comments during his interview at the Getting Stoned podcast. When asked how Tesla’s litigation team is coming along, Musk noted that the company is now in the process of hiring some lawyers for the team. The CEO even mentioned that some of the applicants include those that responded to his post on Twitter. 

“Tesla’s just under a relentless attack from so many. So I think we just have to have like a strong litigation group that fights back, essentially. A lot of really talented lawyers have sort of sent in their resume, and we’re actually going through that. We’re going to be hiring a bunch of people who responded to my tweet. We’re under constant attack. It’s insane,” Musk said

The creation of Tesla’s “hardcore litigation department” came in the aftermath of reports alleging that Musk sexually harassed a former SpaceX employee. The allegations have been outright denied by Musk, and SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell has stated that she is not aware of the alleged incident taking place. 

During his May announcement, Musk noted that Tesla’s “hardcore litigation department” will be in charge of initiating and executing lawsuits. It will also be a team that reports directly to him. When prodded further, the CEO highlighted that he is looking for “hardcore streetfighters” and not “white-shoe lawyers” that thrive on corruption. Instead, Tesla’s team will be out for blood. 

Elon Musk is correct that Tesla is a constant punching bag for critics, from regular netizens convinced that the CEO is part of a class that should not exist to short-sellers who are on a crusade to bring down the stock price of TSLA. Attacks against the company have not abated over the years, and sometimes, they go too far — at times even including minors from Musk’s family. 

As a recent example, TSLAQ member and known Tesla skeptic @passthebeano openly mocked Elon Musk’s children’s appearance, saying that not even convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell “could not get them laid.” The tweet, which has since been reported because some of Musk’s children are still minors, has not been taken down by Twitter as of writing.  

Musk’s colorful words aside, an assertive litigation department has worked wonders for Tesla, just not in the United States. Tesla China was actually subjected to an aggressive smear campaign as well. But after several lawsuits were filed by the electric vehicle maker, it was able to set the record straight. Online personalities that alleged “brake failure” incidents issued open apologies after admitting to faking videos, and a Huawei exec who called Teslas “killing machines” was even terminated after Tesla China’s legal complaint

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Tesla’s “hardcore litigation department” is already taking shape
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