Tesla 2022.20 update includes Green Traffic Light Chime for Autopilot

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The Tesla 2022.20 software update will include Green Traffic Light Chime for Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot, along with some other neat features.

Teslascope detected a 2020.20 software update on Model 3 SR in South Australia, Australia, over the weekend. Then @tesla_adri shared some screenshots of the updates’ release notes. 

The most notable feature in 2020.20 is probably the Green Traffic Light Chime for basic Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot. 

“A chime will play when the traffic light you are waiting for turns green. If you are waiting behind another vehicle, the chime will play once the vehicle advances unless Traffics-Aware Control or Autosteer is active,” stated the release notes. Even with Green Traffic Light Chime, however, Tesla reminds drivers to be cautious and remain alert while on the road. 

Green Traffic Light Chime was only available with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite before the 2020.20 update. Now more users can test out the feature with basic Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot. The introduction of Green Traffic Light Chime hints that Tesla may start mixing up the features offered in its autonomous driving software packages, considering it just reintroduced Enhanced Autopilot to the market.

The other two features included in the 2020.20 update are Seat Belt System Enhancement and Tesla Adaptive Suspension. 

The Seat Belt System Enhancement is a safety feature that should protect drivers and their passengers in the event of an accident. Tesla Vision helps the feature function by helping the car detect a potential frontal crash and tightening seat belts around passengers earlier than other vehicles.

Meanwhile, Tesla Adaptive Suspension adjusts vehicles’ ride height on rough sections of the road for added comfort. 

“Tesla Adaptive Suspension will now adjust ride height for an upcoming rough road section. This adjustment may occur at various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by Tesla cars,” said the release notes for 2020.20. 

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Tesla 2022.20 update includes Green Traffic Light Chime for Autopilot
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