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Tesla Hardware 4 shows improvements in unprotected turns

(Credit: Tesla)

More Tesla Hardware 4 improvements have been identified, showing that the updated system’s cameras have improved the car’s field of view, which can be incredibly helpful in unprotected turns.

Tesla has been slowly and quietly introducing Hardware 4 to vehicles, starting with Model S and X. Most of the improvements are found in processing power. Still, other enhancements include the significant improvement in Tesla Vision technology, mainly through camera upgrades. Now, more of those upgrades have become apparent via a side-by-side comparison posted on Twitter.

Twitter user Ryan Zohoury spotted the improvements to the camera field of view, showing the difference between a Model S with Hardware 4 and a Model Y with Hardware 3.

The post shows off the increased viewing angle and the improvements in clarity and resolution coming from the larger camera sensors.

The delivery of Tesla vehicles with Hardware 4 only began earlier this month, and the complete list of upgrades has not yet become entirely apparent. Though thanks to a leak of the main board, we have a good look at the physical changes. As mentioned above, most of the changes center around more processing power but include more bandwidth for more cameras, higher quality camera inputs, and a smaller/sleeker physical profile overall.

As Hardware 4 continues to roll out into more vehicles in the near future, the improvements to autonomous driving will likely become increasingly apparent. And when combined with the massive compute upgrades that Tesla is implementing on the server side of Full Self Driving, the company’s autonomous driving suite is set to get significantly better quite quickly.

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Tesla Hardware 4 shows improvements in unprotected turns
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