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Tesla ships more Model S and Model X to Europe, could it be HW4?

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Tesla is continuing to ship Model S and Model X vehicles to Europe after beginning initial deliveries last year. With the introduction of Hardware 4 being implemented in these vehicles and deliveries already beginning in the U.S., Tesla could be rolling out the first HW4 units to European customers.

New images of Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles being shipped from the Port of Baltimore to Europe for customer deliveries were shared with Teslarati just recently. The ship was in Baltimore on Tuesday and left several hours later after vehicles were loaded onto Höegh Oslo and was unloaded in both Zeebrugge, Belgium, as well as Barcelona, Spain.

Interestingly, Tesla started delivering Hardware 4-equipped Model X units in the United States just a few days ago. In mid-February, Hardware 4 vehicles were approved for operation and sale in the Netherlands, documents filed within the Dutch Vehicle Authority RDW revealed.

Currently, it is unconfirmed whether Tesla is shipping Hardware 4 vehicles to Europe already, especially as the company has just started deliveries in the United States. However, sources in Europe told Teslarati that Hardware 4-equipped vehicles are planning to be delivered to some customers on the continent soon, and these could be those vehicles.

Tesla started reaching out to some customers recently with an “order update,” indicating that their Model S and Model X vehicles could equip the “next generation” Autopilot hardware “including cameras and car computer, and the removal of ultrasonic sensors.”

Tesla’s new self-driving computer (HW4): more cameras, radar, and more

Tesla has started implementing the new HW4 computer in some vehicles and already delivered them in the United States, but there is no indication of how many cars are going to be equipped with the new Autopilot system, which includes new cameras that offer higher quality.

Yesterday, we reported that Tesla had actually implemented a “dummy” camera in HW4 vehicles, as the new vehicles do not need more cameras. Instead, the higher quality allows Tesla to implement fewer lenses to operate.

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Tesla ships more Model S and Model X to Europe, could it be HW4?
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