Tesla ponders accepting help from FSD Beta testers for vehicle deliveries

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More than five years ago, something remarkable happened. It was the final stretch of Q3 2018, and Tesla was struggling to expedite the deliveries of the Model 3 sedan, the company’s most ambitious vehicle at the time. It was then that Tesla enthusiasts took some time off from their days to help the company deliver vehicles to new customers

The Tesla volunteers were the heroes of Q3 2018, and they helped the EV maker deliver a then-record 83,500 cars in one quarter, comprised of 55,840 Model 3, 14,470 Model S, and 13,190 Model X. That was about twice as many Model 3 sedans as the company delivered in all previous quarters combined. And while the Tesla owners’ initiative was incessantly mocked as “free labor” by critics, it was nevertheless time well spent for those involved. 

Fast forward to today, and Tesla seems to be facing some challenges on its vehicle deliveries once more. Just recently, a leaked email from CEO Elon Musk indicated that delivery centers are now mandated to give customers a test ride in FSD V12.3.1 as part of the vehicle delivery process. Musk noted that this would slow down the delivery process, but it would help make customers aware of just how good supervised FSD has become. 

With such challenges, some Tesla owners have suggested that they are willing to help the company once more. Tesla owner @alifarhat6_ali asked the EV maker on X if it would be possible for FSD Beta testers to help delivery centers acquaint new customers with the advanced driver-assist system and its capabilities. The idea saw quite a lot of support from other Tesla owners, several of whom noted that it would be fun to show FSD Beta to new customers. 

Tesla Vice President for North America Sales & Service Troy Jones responded positively to the idea on X. In a response, Jones noted that “we would love the help” and he “will have someone reach out to discuss” the idea with interested owners. Other Tesla owners promptly responded to the employee, expressing their interest in such an initiative. 

While Tesla’s strength lies in its technology and an almost inhuman determination to constantly improve its products, one could argue that one of the company’s true strengths lies in its community. Tesla fosters a community — and at times of need, this community has shown a capability to achieve remarkable things. 

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Tesla ponders accepting help from FSD Beta testers for vehicle deliveries
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