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Fisker temporarily lost track of millions of dollars worth of customer payments: report

Electric vehicle startup Fisker has reportedly lost track of millions of dollars worth of customer payments as the company attempted to scale the deliveries of its only vehicle available today — the Fisker Ocean. The missing payments reportedly resulted in an internal audit that spanned several months before it was concluded. 

As noted in a TechCrunch report, Fisker’s internal audit did manage to track down the majority of the missing customer payments. The EV startup was also able to request new payments from customers whose initial payment methods had already expired. But while the issue of Fisker’s lost payments was a temporary matter, the internal audit nevertheless took valuable resources from the company at a critical time. 

Citing people reportedly familiar with the matter, the publication noted that Fisker’s lost payments included down payments and full price payments for the Ocean. The publication’s sources claimed that lax internal procedures for keeping track of customer payments were the culprit behind the issue. As a result, some Fisker customer reportedly took delivery of their vehicles without any payments being collected by the company. 

“Checks were not cashed in a timely manner or just lost altogether. We were often scrambling to find checks, credit card receipts, and any wired funds a few months after a vehicle was sold,” one of TechCrunch’s sources claimed. 

Such a strange situation has actually been reported recently. Consumer Reports (CR) recently published a review of the Fisker Ocean, where the organization slammed the vehicle for feeling like an unfinished product. Consumer Reports also observed that the Fisker Ocean they purchased had a notably high destination charge at $2,438. Interestingly enough, CR also noted that the $63,981 check they paid Fisker was never cashed by the company. “They told us they couldn’t find it,” Consumer Reports noted. 

Fisker is currently facing a notable number of headwinds. The New York Stock Exchange has delisted the company. It has also suspended the trading of Fisker shares. Earlier this month, reports also emerged stating that Fisker had hired restructuring advisors. And back in February, Fisker admitted that its “current resources are insufficient to satisfy its requirements.” The EV startup laid off about 15% of its workforce at the time, and it also announced that its 10-K filing would be delayed.  

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Fisker temporarily lost track of millions of dollars worth of customer payments: report
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