Tesla highlights private 5G network at Giga Berlin

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Tesla has highlighted its ultra-fast private 5G network at its Gigafactory in Germany, which is expected to keep the equipment running efficiently over long distances, and with as little latency as possible.

In a video posted on its Tesla Manufacturing page on X on Tuesday, Tesla highlighted its private 5G network at Gigafactory Berlin in brief discussions with a couple of employees. One such worker was Pat, a member of the Grünheide plant’s IT Infrastructure team, who talks about how private 5G enables increased reliability for its machines.

“Private 5G lays a foundation for innovation and next-level operations in our manufacturing and warehouse facilities,” Pat said. “With private 5G we enable mobile machines to communicate ultra reliably and just keep running all the time.”

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Pat also says that Tesla is one of the first companies to use the technology in its manufacturing facilities, noting that it could eventually be scaled to other factories around the world.

“With our innovation power here at Giga Berlin, we were one of the first ones in the manufacturing automotive industry to launch private 5G into manufacturing at big scale,” Pat added. “And here at Giga Berlin, we’re actually the first ones to do this and then scale it globally.”

Another employee on the Network Team, Ernesto, details how the network allows Tesla to use the internet across large distances, especially in crucial areas outside of the factory.

“The private 5G network has really changed the way we deliver network in many places in the factory, especially outdoors,” Ernesto said. “Traditionally, you had to make a lot of investments. It would take a lot of time as you had to roll out fiber, get energy here.

“Now it’s really that small antenna over there on top of cell building connected to this whole outbound area, helping us update hundreds of cars, run logistics, operations.”

Check out the full video below on X.

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Tesla highlights private 5G network at Giga Berlin
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