Tesla 2021 Holiday Update & FSD Beta 10.8 gets wide release timeframe

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla plans to start a broad rollout of its 2021 Holiday Update the day before Christmas Eve, on December 23. Tesla FSD Beta testers are expected to receive an update, too, right when the Christmas festivities are bound to start for some families. 

Tesla is currently testing this year’s Holiday Update or update 2021.44.25 with internal owners, Elon Musk shared on Twitter. Tesla has rolled out update 2021.44.25 to a few employees before its broader release.

The Holiday Update is expected to introduce a new UI for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, expand Tesla’s Light Show capability to other cars in its lineup, and roll out some feature improvements. 

Based on some leaked release notes for the 2021 Holiday Update this year, Tesla is expected to roll out blind spot camera improvements, simplify controls, and introduce the capability to Edit Waypoints. Tesla Arcade and Tesla Theater are also likely to receive more fun additions, like Sonic the Hedgehog, The Battle for Polytopia, and access to TikTok. 

As for FSD Beta testers, Elon Musk shared that version 10.8 is expected to launch on December 23 as well. However, if FSD Beta 10.8 has unexpected bugs, Tesla might delay its release until Christmas Eve on December 24. 

Last year, Tesla started releasing new features and games in its Holiday Update 2020.48.26 to early access FSD testers. The 2020 Holiday Update for FSD testers included new driving visualizations, Supercharger Display improvements, and more.

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Tesla 2021 Holiday Update & FSD Beta 10.8 gets wide release timeframe
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