Helicopter video captures Tesla’s nightmarish parking situation

First it was the company’s factory in Fremont, California. Now it is the company headquarters that has employees experiencing parking nightmares.

Tesla continues to be a remarkable growth story that has a message of good for consumers, stockholders, and sustainability initiatives. But it’s not so good for employees who drive to work at the Tesla headquarters in Silicon Valley, as there are just not enough parking spaces available to satisfy the demand.

Some of the words that are being used to described the parking situation at the Tesla company headquarters are crowded, crammed, jammed, daunting, difficult, and chaotic.

CEO Elon Musk recently called Tesla’s parking situation one of his biggest nightmares. To curb the issue at hand, the serial tech entrepreneur intends to, one day, build a roller coaster as a means to transport employees into work. But for now, employees facing the same issue of over crowding at Tesla’s Silicon Valley headquarters can leave their car with valet service and encouraged to take alternate forms of transportation to work. Among the options suggested to employees? Public transportation. Taking advantage of private shuttles that the company is providing. Riding a bike to work, with a little financial compensation for the concession.

The time can’t come soon enough when Tesla employees can summon their self-driving cars remotely when needed. In the meantime, success breeds an occasional dilemma like having every inch of available parking space filled.

Check out an overhead view of the impressive parking job at Tesla HQ shot by CBS SF Bay Area.

Helicopter video captures Tesla’s nightmarish parking situation
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