Next generation Tesla Roadster will be a convertible, says Musk

Rendering of a Tesla Roadster convertible by Peisert Design

Tesla CEO Elon Musk dropped a series of hints about upcoming products in his usual quick-fire tweetstorm on Thursday, one of which revealed plans for a Tesla Roadster convertible. The next generation Roadster will also be the company’s quickest vehicle within its fleet, capable of smashing the 0-60 mph in 2.3 second barrier set by current king of the hill, the Ludicrous+ Model S P100D.

We know this because Musk has confirmed in the past that Tesla’s next-gen Roadster will be equipped with Maximum Plaid mode which takes the existing top-of-the-line Ludicrous+ mode one step further. Combined with a smaller vehicle footprint that’s lighter and a car that sits lower to the ground, and you have a recipe for Demon-killing acceleration.

The original Roadster was Tesla’s first vehicle that was produced in limited quantities beginning in 2008. It was an impressive feat of technological innovation at the time, but as the company quickly advanced to newer battery technology and “upgradeable” cars via over-the-air software updates, the aging Roadster became something more of a relic among early adopters and Tesla enthusiasts. In a sign of support of early Roadster adopters, Tesla announced a Roadster 3.0 upgrade that featured a new long range 70 kWh battery pack swap available for $29,000.

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Next generation Tesla Roadster will be a convertible, says Musk
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