Tesla beefs up India executive team with Porsche alumnus

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Tesla has added another member to its executive team for its electric car operation in India. Samir Jain, who previously worked for Porsche, will assume the position of “Lead Aftersales – Regional Service Manager – India,” according to his LinkedIn page.

Previously, Jain was Head of Aftersales and Network Development for Porsche in Mumbai, where he was responsible for “Network Steering and Dealer Business Management.” His roles also required him to expand Porsche’s network in India to make way for the responsible launch and execution of the German automaker’s introduction of electric cars in India.

Aftersales generally refers to anything that occurs after the vehicle has been delivered to the customer. This can include service and support and likely hints toward the introduction into potential Service Center locations for Tesla that the company will need to build throughout the country to keep its vehicles up and running.

Jain’s position will be based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Jain’s experience with Porsche’s electrification efforts makes him an ideal candidate for the Tesla position. As demand for Tesla’s vehicles continues to rise, there is evidence based on the thirst of the company’s entrance into the market that there will be plenty of sustained demand after the company erects a production facility in India.

Tesla started making progress with its India project in January after many years of speculation on when and if the automaker would emerge into the country. Because of expensive import taxes, Tesla vehicles are unaffordable for many as the tax nearly doubles the price of the cars. For years, Tesla enthusiasts in India have pleaded with CEO Elon Musk to enter India, and the company finally made moves in early 2021.

Tesla’s executive team for India is full of automotive industry veterans and Tesla employees who are not new hires. David Feinstein will be Director of Global Trade and New Markets and has been with Tesla for over 9 years. Vaibhav Taneja has been Tesla’s Chief Accounting Officer for over two years. Prashanth R. Menon has assumed the role of Director of Tesla’s India operation and has been with the company for over four years.

Tesla also added Manuj Khurana for Policy and Development, Nishant Nishant for Charging Infrastructure, and Chithra Thomas for Human Resources.

It is not currently clear when Tesla will begin making building a Gigafactory or production facility in India, but it is likely coming in the next few years. Tesla is currently working on completing the Giga Texas and Giga Berlin production facilities in Austin and Germany. These manufacturing plants will be up and running by the end of the year with limited production rates, according to Musk. However, volume production is expected to begin early next year, according to the automaker’s estimates.

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Tesla beefs up India executive team with Porsche alumnus
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