Tesla gains India business license, stock soars over 6%

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Tesla has officially received a business license in India, which will give the company the ability to operate as a domestic automaker as a subsidiary of a foreign company. The announcement sent Tesla stock surging up over 6% after the company suffered its first negative day of 2021 on December 11.

According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India, Tesla India Motors and Energy will be operated in Karnataka, a state located in the southwest region of the country. The company was officially incorporated into the MCA database as an LLP on January 8th, and the Indian Government has allocated space for Tesla’s initial operation in the country. In late December, Tesla had applied for several business licenses, and it seems the requests were granted.

On top of the new developments, Tesla has also named three directors for the Indian subsidiary of the electric car and energy storage company. David Feinstein, who currently has the title of Global Senior Director at Tesla, is listed as one of the three directors. The other two are Vaibhav Taneja, who is the Chief Accounting Officer for Tesla, and Venkatrangam Sreeram, who serves as a director for car company Xenon and another company known as ClearQuote, which handles automated vehicle inspections.

Karnataka is known as a technological hub in India and is the home to many premier science and research centers that operate out of the country. A few notable examples are the Indian Space Research Organization, the Central Power Research Institute, and the Central Food Technological Research Institute. Additionally, the state is one of the biggest hubs for solar power in India, with over 2.2 gigawatts of solar paneling with an additional 1.2 gigawatts to be confirmed in projects that will be installed in the coming years. Perhaps, Tesla’s energy business will assist in this project, as its energy side has handled several international projects, including the Big Battery in South Australia.

The news sent TSLA stock soaring over 6%, as Tesla has long hinted toward the company’s presence in India. With the second-largest population of people in the world, India has a thirst for Tesla’s EVs and energy products. Enthusiasts have longed for Tesla to finally come to India as the company will attempt to combat excessive import taxes by establishing a home within the country.

Elon Musk indicated in late 2020 that Tesla would make it to India in 2021, and the CEO’s prediction has come true as operations could begin shortly. Rumors have indicated that Tesla’s online design studio will be activated in India within the coming days.

Now that the automaker has finally established itself as a domestic company, there seem to be no roadblocks that will inhibit Tesla from making some serious waves in India in 2021 and beyond.

Tesla gains India business license, stock soars over 6%
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