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Tesla introduces mobile Megacharger for Semi in Las Vegas

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Tesla introduced a Megacharger in Las Vegas for a few hours before it was evident it was actually a mobile Megacharger, as the unit was packed up and moved.

The Megacharger is the dedicated charging unit for the Tesla Semi and features a 750 kW charging rate for the Class 8 all-electric truck.

Tesla Megacharger sighting prompts Cybertruck compatibility speculations

The Megacharger is not a widely available charging unit as the product is currently confined to various areas in the western portion of the United States. It is used by PepsiCo. and Frito-Lay at their distribution plants in Northern California.

Last week, we covered PepsiCo. and their use of the Semi, as well as how their Megacharger setup at their plant in Sacramento, has complemented their business.

It appears Tesla is using a mobile Megacharger unit, and it briefly appeared in Las Vegas sometime yesterday:

Just a few hours after it was first spotted, it was packed and moved:

In the past, Tesla has used mobile Superchargers to add more charging stalls at certain locations. They were first used in November 2019 near San Luis Obispo, California.

Last week, it was reported by Bloomberg that Tesla was seeking nearly $100 million in funding from the U.S. government to build a corridor of Megachargers from California to Texas.

Tesla seeks $100M in funding for Semi charging route from TX to CA: Bloomberg

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Tesla introduces mobile Megacharger for Semi in Las Vegas
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