Tesla Megacharger sighting prompts Cybertruck compatibility speculations

Credit: @RodneyaKent/Twitter

The Tesla Semi is yet to enter mass production, but the electric vehicle maker is already putting some effort into building out the Megacharger network, the Class 8 all-electric truck’s charging infrastructure. One such Megacharger was sighted at Baker, California, recently. 

Tesla’s Megachargers are quite distinct since they are physically larger than regular Supercharger stalls. Their charging cables are also different, as they are not equipped with a North American Charging Standard (NACS) plug. Instead, they are fitted with a larger square-shaped plug that’s designed for the Tesla Semi. 

The Megacharger sighted at Baker, California is quite interesting since the space it was installed in seemed like it was intended for smaller vehicles like the Cybertruck. Interestingly enough, CEO Elon Musk and Semi truck engineering executive Dan Priestley noted during the vehicle’s first delivery event last December that Tesla had developed a MW charger that could be used for both the Semi and the Cybertruck. 

The Cybertruck is a consumer vehicle, so it would most likely be equipped with an NACS port. With this in mind, it may be safe to assume that some of Tesla’s Megachargers would be fitted with an NACS plug as well. Tesla may also release an adapter for the Cybertruck that would allow the all-electric pickup truck to be compatible with the Megacharger’s plug, similar to the Magic Jack. 

The Cybertruck’s compatibility with the Megacharger network could very well become a selling point for the vehicle. Even Tesla’s V4 Superchargers, after all, seem to be rated at 350 kW, as per a Development Proposal. 

“This combined Planning Statement and Design and Access Statement supports a planning application made by Tesla Motors Ltd for the development of 36no. EV charging units (16no. ultra-rapid V4 superchargers (350kw) & 20no. ChargePoint 6000 series EV chargers (22kw)), associated equipment cabinets, substation and associated electrical infrastructure. All charging units are universal and can be used by any EV user,” the proposal read. 

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Tesla Megacharger sighting prompts Cybertruck compatibility speculations
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