Tesla starts sending out Investor Day invites with cool Easter egg

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Investor Day is coming in a few weeks, and the electric vehicle maker is starting to generate hype around the event. As Elon Musk confirmed that Master Plan Part 3 will be discussed at the event, Tesla also started sending out Investor Day invites. 

As per the invitation, Tesla Investor Day will be held at Giga Texas on March 1. Those fortunate enough to receive invitations are required to RSVP by 11:59 p.m. on February 24, 2023 to secure their slot at the event. Attendees are informed that they will receive a unique QR code ticket and additional information leading up to the event. 

Just as it is with Tesla’s other high-profile events and products, the invitation for Investor Day included an Easter egg. The Easter egg came in the form of a unique, textured background that was used in both the Investor Day invite and the event’s graphic that was posted by Elon Musk on Twitter. 

It’s difficult to decipher what the images in the background exactly are from afar, but a closer look at them hints at the “scale” that Elon Musk has been referencing for Master Plan Part 3 for about a year now. Cory Steuben, the President of Munro and Associates, the company which has torn down several Teslas over the years, noted that the textured background used in the Investor Day invite was comprised of vehicle bodies used for manufacturing. 

A background featuring a massive wall of vehicle bodies goes in line with Elon Musk’s comment that Investor Day will discuss Master Plan Part 3. While Musk has not shared specific details about his next big plan for Tesla, he has stated in the past that Master Plan Part 3 is concerned with how the electric vehicle maker scales to an “extreme size.” 

Elon Musk’s previous comments also suggest that Master Plan Part 3 would be focused on Artificial Intelligence, as well as sections involving his other ventures like SpaceX and The Boring Company. 

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Tesla starts sending out Investor Day invites with cool Easter egg
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