Tesla’s profitability in Ireland doubles with Model 3 taking center stage

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Tesla’s profitability in Ireland more than doubled in 2020 compared to 2019, surging 256% as the electric vehicle movement took center stage in the European country. The Model 3 continues to be the most popular EV for Tesla, and Ireland’s third-most purchased electric car for consumers.

Tesla Motors Ireland Ltd., the Irish sector of the Silicon Valley-based electric car company, reported an operating profit of €694,096 for the year ending on December 31st, 2020, up from €316,151 in 2019. The company’s accounts showed turnover of €40.2 million for 2020.

According to industry data (via Irish Times), Tesla sold 780 new cars in 2020, nearly three times the number of EVs it sold in 2019, which stood at 270 vehicles. The report also states that Tesla Ireland held €863,089 in deposits at the end of 2020.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic raged on through nearly every country in the world, the Irish people’s appetite for the world’s leading electric car brand needed to be fed. It is continuing into the new year as well, as new figures show that Tesla has registered 591 vehicles through the first half of the year, indicating that the automaker is going to, once again, increase its delivery figures in Ireland for the second consecutive year.

The overwhelming majority of vehicles sold by Tesla in Ireland are the Model 3. This year alone, 586 of the 591 vehicles sold in Ireland were the all-electric sedan, while four Model S vehicles and one Model X were sold. No Model Ys have been delivered, as customers wanting that vehicle will have to wait for an import from Giga Shanghai or for Giga Berlin to begin production of the all-electric crossover later this year.

Tesla is not the only automaker contributing to a surge in EV sales in Ireland. As of now, Volkswagen is 2021’s biggest seller of EVs in the country, with 1,796 registrations. Tesla is the second-place automaker, and the Model 3 holds the third-place slot in sales figures by model. Only the ID.4 and the ID.3 hold the two spots in front of Tesla’s best-selling vehicle.

Tesla’s small but mighty workforce in Ireland is only comprised of 15 employees. According to the Irish Times report, the staff costs for Tesla are €896,455, with the company shelling out an additional €155,457 for equity incentive plans. Tesla Ireland is a subsidiary of Tesla International, which is based in the Netherlands, where the Tilburg plant is located.

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Tesla’s profitability in Ireland doubles with Model 3 taking center stage
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