Tesla to make Joe Mode even quieter to avoid disturbing child passengers

A Tesla Model 3 driving at night. (Photo: Andres GE)

Back in 2019, Tesla rolled out Joe Mode, a volume setting that helps ensure that children sleeping in the back seat are not disturbed by a vehicle’s sounds and alerts. The feature is quite understated, though it’s arguably useful for those who tend to go on trips with children who are easily disturbed by loud sounds. 

More recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that the EV maker could make Joe Mode even quieter. Musk’s comment was a response to a post from the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley club, which asked the CEO if Joe Mode’s alerts could be lowered.  

Interestingly enough, Tesla owners have shared similar requests to Musk in the past. The same Tesla owners club, in 2020, even inquired if a “Baby Mode” of sorts can be rolled out by the company. Back then, Musk also pondered the option of making Joe Mode quieter. 

Joe Mode, at its core, is simply a feature that reduces the volume of alarms that could engage when a Tesla is operating. What’s quite interesting about Joe Mode is that it reduces the volume of alarms in the rear seat area. This makes sure that Autopilot chimes and alerts are still loud enough to catch the attention of drivers but not passengers (especially kids) who are resting in the rear seat. 

As can be seen from the continued requests of Tesla owners for a quieter Joe Mode, however, it would appear that the alerts and chimes from the feature are still loud enough to disturb or wake up kids. With this in mind, Elon Musk’s recent comments would likely be very well appreciated. 

Joe Mode is one of Tesla’s simpler features, but it’s a lifesaver for parents who are traveling with children. Tesla cabins are already pretty quiet, to begin with, so loud sounds like Autopilot chimes can easily wake up children who are sleeping in the back seat. Any parent who has taken a long trip with small children, after all, can attest to just how challenging it could be when sleeping children are disturbed in the middle of a trip. 

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Tesla to make Joe Mode even quieter to avoid disturbing child passengers
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