Tesla’s LA diner and Supercharger nears nine months of construction

Credit: 247Tesla | YouTube

Tesla’s unique Supercharger, diner, and, drive-in theater site is beginning to look like the finished product, as the company officially nears nine months of construction on the upcoming location.

The Los Angeles Tesla Diner has been progressing at a fairly quick speed since the company first broke ground in September, with recent footage of the site starting to look more like the intended finished product. The progress has been diligently covered by YouTube channel 247Tesla, which shared a new video this week with snapshots of the site along the way.

Just over a month into construction:

Credit: Ed Howard | X

About four months into construction:

Credit: Fox 11 Los Angeles

About six months into construction:

Credit: 247Tesla | YouTube

About seven months into construction:

Credit: 247Tesla | YouTube

This week, almost nine months into construction:

Credit: 247Tesla | YouTube

Credit: @HowardModels | X

You can watch the full nine-month video update below, courtesy of the YouTube channel 247Tesla.

Last year, we covered the wave of approvals received by Tesla for the diner project, after CEO Elon Musk first envisioned the unique Supercharger concept on then-Twitter in 2018. In that discussion, Musk said that the site will include two drive-in movie theater screens playing clips from the best movies in history, a 1950s diner with rock and roll, waiters on roller skates, and the ability to order food from inside your vehicle.

The idea for the project went quiet for a few years, before Tesla began applying for permits, and eventually moved the location for the concept from Santa Monica to West Hollywood. Dubbed “Milliways” after the restaurant at the edge of the galaxy in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the site gained a number of renderings over the years, the most popular of which was created by Twitter user HowardModelS, and has since been accepted as the official model for the Supercharger and diner.

As seen in Tesla’s site plans for the location, the charging station is expected to have around 32 charging stalls on site, and drivers will be able to go to the restaurant’s upper deck to eat and watch movie clips while their vehicles charge.

Tesla Restaurant Diner Appr… by Joey Klender

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Tesla’s LA diner and Supercharger nears nine months of construction
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