Tesla Cybertruck deliveries halted due to wiper motor issue

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Tesla has once again lodged a temporary pause on customer deliveries of the Cybertruck, this time because of an issue with the electric pickup’s windshield wiper motor.

On Friday, multiple users in the Cybertruck Owner’s Club forum reported that Tesla has halted deliveries of the electric vehicle (EV), due to a safety issue with the motor for the pickup’s massive windshield wiper. The users, each of whom had deliveries scheduled for this week and weekend, have now been told by Tesla that their deliveries will be delayed until late next week because of the issue.

“Mine was scheduled to deliver tomorrow but got a message in the App that delivery is postponed to next week,” wrote one user in the forum. “Didn’t say any reason.”

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Others said that Tesla did disclose that there was a safety issue with the massive wiper’s motor, while a few users noted that they had already picked up their Cybertrucks and had to return them. Still, others said that they faced this issue over the past few weeks, with some saying they had already had a service appointment to have the part replaced.

The news comes after Tesla placed a temporary pause on Cybertruck orders in April, with the company then going on to cancel some delivery appointments, not unlike the current issue. That problem was due to an issue with the accelerator pedal, for which Tesla needed to perform a quick service procedure to add an additional rivet at the pedal’s base.

The accelerator problem resulted in a recall from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) due to the potential for unintended vehicle movement. Still, CEO Elon Musk went on to note that no accidents or injuries had been reported as a result of the issue, and that Tesla had been being “very cautious” about it.

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Tesla Cybertruck deliveries halted due to wiper motor issue
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