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Tesla wins license to operate Supercharger Network in Turkey

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has won a license to operate its electric vehicle Supercharger Network in Turkey from the country’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA).

Tesla became one of 119 companies to win a license in Turkey and now has permission to operate its expansive EV charging network nationwide that will support EV drivers.

“With charging stations to be installed at several locations, including parking lots, shopping centers, and gas stations by licensed operators, electric vehicle owners will be able to receive charging services and will be able to travel more affordably in the face of rising fuel prices,” the EMRA said (via Daily Sabah).

Tesla started expanding in Turkey late last year after plans to launch its vehicles within the country were revealed to be in motion in early 2022. Tesla attempted to enter the market in 2018, but the decision was abandoned due to political reasons.

Numerous job postings indicated Tesla was starting to consider a serious expansion into the market, and some Supercharger station builds were installed last year, but none were officially activated or operational.

Some locations of Tesla Superchargers were listed, including Ankara, Hendek, Istanbul, Balikesir, and Soma, and the automaker had projected opening dates of Q2 and Q3 2022. However, these locations are inactive on Tesla’s current Supercharger network map. Now that it has gained a license to operate the charging stations, it is likely that these might become active.

Tesla updated several projected opening dates to Q1 2023 late last year.

Electric vehicle adoption in Turkey picked up last year, as 14,896 new EVs were registered in the country as of December 2022. Only 7,694 were registered in the same month a year prior, so residents are beginning to adopt EVs as their primary mode of transportation.

It is currently unclear if Tesla will open Turkish Superchargers to other automakers, which it has with many other stations in the European market as a part of its Pilot Program.

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Tesla wins license to operate Supercharger Network in Turkey
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