Tesla Launches Model X in China ahead of Chinese New Year

Tesla Model X Signature Red

Tesla is offering priority delivery of Tesla Model X Signature Series cars painted in Signature Red in honor of the Chinese New Year this month.

The official Tesla Chinese website now invites customers in that country to celebrate the new year by ordering a new Model X in limited edition “Signature Red”, a color that is believed to be lucky in Chinese culture. The company website says customers can configure their cars now for delivery in the second quarter of 2016. “Depress the accelerator pedal and you can feel the thrill of a roller coaster ride,” the Tesla website says.

Tesla "Signature Red" Model X in China

Limited edition “Signature Red ” Model X [Source: Tesla Motors]

Pricing is a concern for Tesla in China, which has high import duties for cars manufactured outside the country. The top of the line Model X P90D with the Ludicrous upgrade is priced at 1,479,500 yuan or $225,000. The company also is offering a standard Model X 90D priced roughly at 30% below the fully loaded performance version.

The description of the car focuses on the unique “eagle wing” doors, the advanced climate control system, and the room for up to 7 passengers. Bear with us here, as the details are provided by Google, which does not always provide the smoothest translations. We have enhanced it a bit to promote better readability.

  • The world’s fastest SUV. Accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in 3.4 seconds.
  • The safest SUV in the world. It has a 5 Star crash rating from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Comes with biological and chemical weapons defense mode air purification system.
  • Eagle Wing door design. Seats up to 7 passengers to meet family travel needs.
  • The most sophisticated and intelligently designed car available.
  • Features the industry exclusive SuperCharger network. Direct sales model ensures fair and transparent pricing for all customers.
  • Top level Signature Red P90D limited edition and standard 90D models available for order.

The announcement reports that the Model S has been called by Time Magazine as the “21st century’s greatest product”. It then gives a full description of the Model X’s climate control system (Bio weapon defense mode), a feature that is especially important to Chinese buyers due to persistent health issues from the poisonous smog that affects many of China’s largest cities, especially Beijing.

Judging from this latest announcement from Tesla, Model X vehicles for the Chinese market will be given production priority over cars destined for other countries. It will be interesting to see how many of the nearly quarter million dollar Signature Edition Model X’s are ordered by well heeled Chinese customers.


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