Tesla launches new round of layoffs in massive cost-cutting offensive

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Tesla has launched a new round of layoffs as part of its massive cost-cutting offensive, trimming multiple facets of its business as it navigates between two major growth waves.

Several weeks ago, Tesla started laying off employees in an effort to save money as it navigates through questionable economic times in its business. While Tesla is stable, the automaker has admitted it is in the process of focusing on one thing: bringing its next-generation lineup of vehicles to market. CEO Elon Musk has said that sacrifices must be made in order to make this happen.

After thousands of employees were laid off in late April, more are evidently losing their jobs as more terminations occurred over the weekend.

Business Insider first reported the most recent round of layoffs.

Several employees have posted on LinkedIn that they received communications from Tesla since Friday that they are no longer a part of the company’s plans.

One employee who is a quality engineer said:

“Those familiar with recent layoff news know that Tesla is making some “hardcore” cuts, and well, it was my time. I had a sense that this was going to happen.”

It was not the only quality engineer who was laid off as Tesla is continuing to get rid of some of its team. Another employee who transferred from one Tesla facility to Buffalo, New York at Gigafactory 2 in March also lost their job.

Another employee who is a Service Advisor said they had been let go. More posts from other employees, even one in the Supercharger team, said they were also impacted by the layoffs:

“Last week, I was impacted by the layoff of the Tesla Supercharger organization. It was a privilege to work on the vehicle interface, envisioning and crafting the next generation of user experiences.”

Musk admitted in a post on X last week that the Supercharger team was being let go as it planned to slow down new projects.

Elon Musk explains reasoning behind Tesla Supercharger team disband

It appears that the layoffs may be more expansive than the 10 percent that Tesla listed in a filing with the SEC when the terminations began.

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Tesla launches new round of layoffs in massive cost-cutting offensive
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