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Tesla market share explodes in Q1, overtaking BMW, Mercedes, and others

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New data from Cox Automotive found that Tesla was the fastest-growing automaker in the industry regarding market share during Q1.

U.S. EV market share has almost always been dominated by Tesla, but in terms of the broader market, the EV leader has lagged behind legacy automakers. However, that standing has quickly changed as Tesla ramps production and EVs increasingly become more popular. Now, according to new data from Cox Automotive, Tesla was the fastest-growing automaker in terms of market share in the United States during Q1, even overtaking many legacy brands.

Cox Automotive found that during Q1, Tesla controlled roughly 5.1% of the overall market, placing it above brands like BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, Subaru, and even Volkswagen within the United States. This is a 1.4% jump compared to last year’s average, making Tesla the fastest-growing brand in this metric.

Cox had more good news for Tesla. While General Motors remains the leader in overall sales, controlling 16.7% of the market, Tesla was the fastest growing automaker in sales growth among brands, with over 2% market share, growing by 39.5% year over year, and by 37.6% compared to Q4 2022. However, it should be noted that Rivian was the fastest-growing automaker in sales overall, growing by 563.8% year over year.

Cox calculated that Tesla sold 180,993 vehicles in Q1 of this year.

Surprisingly, most brands saw sales contract in the first quarter of the year, particularly compared to Q4 of last year, which was a sales boom for many top brands. Nonetheless, General Motors, Ford, and Volkswagen saw some of the most significant year-over-year growth out of major brands, minus Tesla, growing by 15.3%, 11.3%, and 26.1%, respectively.

On the flip side, many brands had some of their worst performance in a long time, particularly Toyota, which saw its market share collapse by 2%. This aligns with previous results and is likely influenced by the fact that Toyota and Honda customers are some of the most likely to buy a Tesla.

Other brands that saw sales contract include Hyundai and Stellantis brands, which saw their market share drop by 0.3% and 0.9%. However, results from last year were not great indicators, as both brands saw growth in either year over year or compared to Q4 2022, but the reverse in the opposing metric.

Credit: Cox Automotive

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Tesla market share explodes in Q1, overtaking BMW, Mercedes, and others
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