Tesla provides sneak peek into Megafactory amid hiring ramp

Tesla provided a sneak peek into its Megafactory, the facility manufacturing its Megapack batteries. 

The video showed massive machinery building Tesla’s Megapacks and the people involved in its manufacturing process from start to delivery. Tesla published the video on LinkedIn and invited eligible candidates to join the company and work in its Megafactory. 

A glance at the jobs posted for the Megafactory shows that Tesla is looking for candidates in the following categories: manufacturing, engineering & IT, vehicle service, construction & facilities, and supply chain. Open positions in the Megafactory cover a wide variety of jobs, from technical writer and welder to quality supervisor and NPI Technician. 

In the engineering & IT department, Tesla is looking for a controls engineer, a manufacturing equipment engineer, and a test engineer. The Megafactory has two positions in the vehicle service department: one for a calibration technician and another for a quality systems associate.

Under construction & facilities, Tesla is looking for a senior facilities mechanical engineer and a journeyman electrician. Then there are three openings under supply chain: warehouse program manager, materials planner, and technical project manager for production control. 

Tesla reported a significant growth in its solar and energy deployment in the third quarter. Demand for the Megapack seems to remain strong.

“Energy storage deployments increased by 62% YoY in Q3 to 2.1 GWh, by far the highest level we have ever achieved. This level of growth was accomplished despite semiconductor challenges continuing to have a greater impact on our Energy business than our Automotive business. 

“Demand for our storage products remains in excess of our ability to supply. We are in the process of ramping production at our dedicated 40 GWh Megapack factory in Lathrop, California, to address the growing demand,” stated the company in its Q3 2022 Update Letter.

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Tesla provides sneak peek into Megafactory amid hiring ramp
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