Tesla Megapack farm takes shape at Arroyo Solar and Storage project in New Mexico

Credit: Nicholas Park/LinkedIn

It appears that another Tesla Megapack farm is taking shape, this time in the Arroyo Solar and Storage project in New Mexico. Images of the site under construction were recently shared on social media. 

As per a post on LinkedIn from Nicholas Park, the Chief Operating Officer of NuConsult Services, some Megapack batteries have already been delivered to the site and are being installed. Based on images of the project that have been shared so far, it appears that spaces for about 100 batteries have been completed in the Megapack farm. 

Back in November last year, reports indicated that Wells Fargo had closed its first tax equity investment into the Arroyo Solar and Storage project. The massive renewable energy plant will combine a total of 300MWac of solar PV with a 150MW / 600MWh battery energy storage system (BESS), according to Energy Storage News. Tesla Megapacks will be used for the project. 

With this in mind, the existing photos of the site that have been shared online may only represent about half (or a bit more than half) of the Arroyo Solar and Storage project’s actual size. Considering the substantial size of the Megapack farm, the installation would likely be extremely useful in stabilizing the area’s grid

The Arroyo project is reportedly being developed by DE Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI), while maintenance and operations of the system will be provided by Tesla and SOLV Energy. DESRI chief commercial officer Thomas de Swardt previously stated that the upcoming solar and battery installation would play a key role in New Mexico’s transition into a renewable grid. 

“Arroyo is a keystone project for our companies, given the incorporation of energy storage as well as the important role that the facility will play in New Mexico’s energy transition,” de Swardt said. 

Earlier this month, Tesla executives reportedly held a meeting with Gigafactory employees. During the event, it was mentioned that Tesla is on target to produce 442 Megapack batteries in the third quarter. If successful, Tesla would be able to post a growth of 85% in Megapack production compared to the second quarter. 

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Tesla Megapack farm takes shape at Arroyo Solar and Storage project in New Mexico
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