Tesla begins hiring spree at new MegaFactory in Lathrop, California

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Upon the announcement of Tesla building a new dedicated production facility for its massive Megapack energy storage product, the company is now launching a massive hiring spree at the plant, which is located in Lathrop, California.

Last week, Teslarati reported on a new Megapack production facility that Tesla broke ground on in Lathrop. Lathrop is a town just east of San Francisco in Northern California, located just a few miles away from Fremont where Tesla’s production of its electric vehicles takes place. Tesla just started construction on the facility a few days ago, and it should be up and running in the coming months.

Tesla Megafactory for Megapack production breaks ground in Lathrop, CA

The reason for the dedicated Megapack plant is due to the overwhelming demand that Tesla has had to navigate through for its biggest energy storage product. The Megapack is most commonly utilized for large-scale energy storage projects that can run entire towns off of stored solar energy. Among the most popular is the Big Battery in Victoria, Australia, where Tesla Megapack has operated a large-scale storage operation for several years. More energy projects like the Victoria Big Battery are popping up, and Tesla is a common candidate to solve these needs. As sustainable energy continues to take off, Tesla’s Megapack was scouted by several projects, effectively selling Tesla out of the product until the end of 2022, CEO Elon Musk said during the Q2 2021 Earnings Call.

Now that Tesla has a facility for Megapack production, discrepancies in production and delivery will begin to iron themselves out. However, the automaker and sustainable energy entity is now looking to hire for nearly every position at the Lathrop plant, making it abundantly clear that the large operation in Northern California will need all hands on deck to create the stable and effective production of the Megapack.

Tesla appears to be referring to the Lathrop facility as the “MegaFactory” on all of its job listings at the plant. While some employment opportunities in Lathrop were available through Tesla before now, these positions were for a distribution facility that Tesla also operates in the area.

One of the most interesting job descriptions is for a Technical Project Manager at the MegaFactory. This position entails a liaison between several groups that will have to coordinate in the launch of new projects and products. Based on this job description alone, Tesla may have more energy products up its sleeve in the coming years, and the MegaFactory may be for more than just producing Megapacks.

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Tesla begins hiring spree at new MegaFactory in Lathrop, California
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