Ford CEO Jim Farley is not ready to give up his ICE cars for an all-EV garage just yet

(Credit: Ford)

In what could only be described as a stroke of irony, Ford CEO Jim Farley has noted that he is not ready to give up his internal combustion engine-powered cars just yet. This is quite ironic considering that Ford as a company has been showing signs that it is going full throttle in its electric vehicle push. 

“I think, for me as a car guy, I’m excited about driving my Mach-E. I’m not giving up my ’73 Bronco or my Mustang 5.0-liter coupe, but, you know, if I have a third vehicle in the household, it’s probably going to be a Mach-E,” Farley remarked during a segment in Yahoo Finance

Farley’s statements are arguably a bit confusing, though it seems that he is looking to own a Mach-E in the near future. That being said, it is difficult not to be disappointed that the Ford CEO only deems the Mach-E as a third vehicle in his household, behind an ICE-powered Bronco and ICE-powered Mustang. 

While it is understandable that the Ford CEO is not willing to give up his ’73 Bronco considering the SUV’s classic status, it is quite surprising that Farley is still keeping an ICE Mustang in his garage. Ford, after all, went to great lengths to assure customers that the Mach-E is a real Mustang through and through despite it being a crossover. The Mach-E GT Performance could give any ICE Mustang a run for its money too. 

Ford is arguably one of the veteran automakers today that is putting its foot where its mouth is when it comes to the EV transition. Just recently, the company announced an $11.4 billion investment for a massive complex that would produce batteries in the United States, which should allow the company to provide enough cells for its expanding EV line. 

Ford’s EV lineup has been received fairly well, with the Mach-E being well reviewed and the F-150 Lightning garnering large numbers of pre-orders. This is despite the Mach-E experiencing some teething problems, as evidenced by recalls for its loose glass roofs and windshields, as well as its substandard performance in the Moose Test. 

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Ford CEO Jim Farley is not ready to give up his ICE cars for an all-EV garage just yet
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