Tesla lowers Model 3 price in Australia, making it qualify for rebates

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Tesla lowered the Model 3’s price in Australia over the weekend, making the base variant cost AU$59,990 before incentives. With the price drop, the Tesla Model 3 is now eligible for rebates in certain Australian states, like New South Wales and Victoria.

The Tesla Model 3 drive-away prices vary, depending on the Australian state or territory. All the Model 3 drive-away prices Tesla listed in its configurator include additional fees, like the delivery fee. Tesla also included local stamp duty, local registration costs, local CTP, and the local plate fee costs into its calculations.

In general, the price of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus variant seems to fall below a certain price point, making it eligible for incentives in certain areas in Australia.

For instance, in Victoria, the base Model 3 now costs AU$64,968 ($48,591.52 in USD) before savings. With the most recent Model 3 price drop, the sedan’s base variant is eligible for a $3,000 ZEV subsidy in Victoria.

The Victorian Government introduced the subsidy for new zero-emissions vehicles with a Vehicle Subtotal (dutiable value) under $68,740. Victoria’s $3,000 ZEV subsidy is dispensed on a first-come, first-serve basis and is limited to 4,000 vehicle registrations.

In New South Wales (NSW), the base Model 3’s drive-away price is $64,648 ($48,352.18 in USD) before savings. Starting September 2021, customers who purchase new or even used battery electric vehicles or hydrogen fuel cell cars will not pay stamp duty, provided the car they buy is under $78,000 ($58,338.54 in USD). The Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD Long Range in NSW would be eligible for the no-pay stamp duty rebate.

The NSW Government will also offer a $3,000 rebate to the first 25,000 new battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell customers who purchase vehicles less than $68,750 ($51,420.19 in USD).

Queensland and Tasmania also have their own incentives or rebates for new energy vehicles. On top of that, there are federal incentives available that Tesla customers could avail, too.

For instance, there is the luxury car tax rate and thresholds. “The Luxury Car Tax is levied at 33c on each dollar above a certain threshold,” explained Tesla. “For most cars, that threshold is $69,152 in 2021, however for fuel-efficient vehicles including the Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3, that threshold is $79,659.”

With a base price that now starts below $60,000, the Tesla Model 3 would likely compete better in Australia’s electric vehicle market. The price drop bodes well for the all-electric sedan, as it is already the country’s most popular EV despite its previous higher price.

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Tesla lowers Model 3 price in Australia, making it qualify for rebates
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